Why Choose Phu Chaisai Mountain Resort & Spa?

Why Choose Phu Chaisai?

Phu Chaisai understands you are unique; we strive to provide an individualized experience relevant to the impendent traveler seeking an honest holiday. Our staff possesses superior local knowledge because they are local people. The management team speaks authoritatively, with confidence and in a language the guest can understand.

In hospitality there is an unspoken promise between the host and guest; the host cares for the guest and the guest respects the host. At Phu Chaisai we welcome everyone seeking solitude and discovery with the contribution of our caring, local staff that come to us from the villages surrounding our beautiful Thailand mountain resort.

With everything in our daily lives so homogenized by faceless corporations seeking profit through mediocrity, it is comforting to know that here it is still about how you feel in a place.

Views from Phu Chaisai Mountain Resort & Spa, Chiang Rai, Thailand
Horse Riding near Phu Chaisai Mountain Resort & Spa, Chiang Rai, Thailand
Phu Chaisai Mountain Resort & Spa, Chiang Rai, Thailand

Experience the Phu Chaisai difference

  • Be received with loving kindness
  • Breathe fresh, cool mountain air
  • Experience genuine smiles and caring hospitality
  • Explore our 500 hectare of natural beauty at your doorstep, free
  • Find freedom from television and alarm clocks
  • Know we try our best to accommodate your wishes
  • Live with nature, not above nature
  • Rediscover the joy of a good night’s sleep
  • Feel the difference of family ownership
  • Travel pet friendly
  • Meet local Thai peoples
  • Relax without pressure to buy things you don’t want